Covid-19 Precautions

At Aspen Leaf Dentistry we are taking the Covid-19 virus seriously. We know, in these unprecedented times, the entire world has been affected in many different ways. Many of you have been ill or know someone who has been ill or has even passed away. In response to the pandemic we have implemented protocols to keep our patients and our community safe.

Upon appointment confirmation, we will be asking you several questions regarding your current health. When arriving to your appointment we will have you sanitize your hands, we will obtain your temperature, and we will have you fill out a Covid-19 form. If you have someone accompany you to the appointment, we ask that they wear a mask while in the office.

Aside from our normal cleaning and disinfecting protocols, we will be disinfecting counter tops, pens, and doorknobs, and other frequently used surfaces/items multiple times throughout the day. We have also implemented changes in our personal protective equipment (PPE).