A local family dentist tackles dental health care at each stage of life — from a child’s first teeth cleaning to dental implants and dentures later in life. 


Families choose a family dentist because not only are they skilled in providing high-quality dental care to adults, but they have a unique skillset and put an emphasis on treating the particular dental requirements of children of all ages. 


From regular cleanings and cavity identification and fillings to sealants and covering healthy at-home dental habits, family dentists understand how children’s teeth change throughout each stage and can help develop a positive experience with the dentist that encourages healthy dental hygiene habits for life!


At Aspen Leaf Dentistry in Windsor, we provide dental health services that support the health and aesthetics of your smile. With our patient-centered approach, we help you and your little ones feel at ease, for a relaxed and positive experience every time. Join us in today’s post as we cover the advantages of having a family dentist!

The 6 Benefits Of Having a Family Dentist


When you have a family dentist you can rely on, it just helps put everyone at ease — you have someone to call in a dental emergency and strong reinforcement to get your kids to brush and floss! 


If you’re new to the Windsor area or you’re in need of a new family dentist, dive in below as we explore all the benefits!




In all the hustle and bustle of raising a family and coordinating everyone’s schedule, a family dentist provides amazing convenience. Because a family dentist accommodates both adults and children, you can all go together and kill two birds with one stone — there is no driving across town for your teeth whitening appointment or scheduling a separate sealant appointment, you can get what you need and the rest of the family can get what they need, all in one visit.


Flexible Appointments


A family dentist understands that some days and some weeks you are just in the trenches and that’s it’s nearly impossible to find a moment to get everyone in to see the dentist, which is why many family dentists offer flexible appointments or hours to help accommodate the needs of their patients. 


It’s not uncommon for family dentists to take later appointments or even see someone on the weekend — if you’re in a predicament, just ask!


Early Detection


When you have a family dentist that you and the gang see twice a year for dental cleanings and preventative care, this time is so crucial because oftentimes the dentist can catch a cavity or gum disease early. Why is this important? Early detection is vital because it typically only requires a simple procedure or treatment, but if you wait until you the pain and discomfort make you go to the dentist, this can mean more costly and extensive dental procedures. 


Dentists also have the unique ability to detect other serious health-related issues that may not always have to do with your teeth. For example, if you have bleeding gums and persistent bad breath, not only could it be gum disease but it could also be diabetes. 


Dental x-rays can also be the first to recognize bone loss and there are signs and symptoms such as a painful jaw that could indicate cardiovascular issues. 


Your oral health is like a picture of your overall health, and a family dentist can help identify issues through early detection. 




Not only do you benefit from early detection, but a family dentist provides the best preventative care — from sealants to addressing healthy eating habits — they want to see and support healthy smiles! 


Family dentists are also the best allies for parents — they’ll advocate and educate the importance of healthy dental habits at home. So, when your kids want to go to battle about not wanting to brush their teeth before bed, you can gently remind them what the dentist said!    


Dental Solutions


If there is a chance that you or one of your family members requires treatment beyond preventative care, a family dentist is wonderful about communication and finding a treatment solution that has a good outcome and makes sense to you.  


If the dentist notices a misalignment or suspects sleep apnea, they’ll help you find the treatment you need, even if it’s seeing a specialist. 


Patient Education


Above all their amazing dental services, one of the best things about a family dentist is their willingness to sit down and have a conversation about dental care. Whether you have a question about a new dental procedure or just need a little more guidance about healthy teeth hygiene, the dentist is there for you!


Finding a family dentist that you love is critical in your dental journey — they provide invaluable services to you and your family to support your overall health. 


For more information about our dental services in Windsor, connect with us today!