We support smiles of all ages at our family dentistry office in Windsor!

Oral Examinations

Keep Your Family’s Teeth Healthy

Maintain a healthy smile for the entire family! No one is more attentive and thorough than Dr. Steve Frederick. From check-ups and oral exams to teeth cleaning and fillings, let him take care of all of your family’s dental needs. You can be sure that he will keep you and your children comfortable throughout the entire process.

Dental health plays a major role in the overall health of you and your family, and it’s important to partner with a dentist who can work with the entire family! 

Because gum disease is so prevalent in adults over 30 — 47% — it’s a source of chronic inflammation that is associated with gum cardiovascular concerns, diabetes, complications in pregnancy, and other harmful health conditions. 

In children, dental decay — cavities — is one of the most common health issues kids are up against. 

To support your health for you and your family, finding a local Windsor dentist is the first step towards enhancing the health of your smile!

Teeth Cleaning

Why Choose A Local Family Dentist?

It’s important that you and your family see a dentist at least twice a year — not only do you begin to build a relationship with them, but regular dental checkups allow for preventative maintenance and early detection in your dental health. After all, when you notice pain and discomfort in your mouth, oftentimes this is when the dental issue is at its peak and more extensive treatments such as extractions or root canals are needed. 

Most cavities that are detected in our dental clinic can be fixed with a simple filling and we have amazing dental hygienists who can work with you and your family in creating better dental health habits at home. 

As you begin building a relationship with your local dentist, not only do you have someone you can trust and rely on, but you have a great resource when anything comes up. If there is a dental emergency or you have a question about a new dental procedure, they’re there to offer guidance and to help you make informed decisions about your family’s dental health. 

While finding a family dentist involves many factors such as dental services offered and proximity, at Aspen Leaf Dentistry in Windsor we are committed to serving you and your family with our patient-centered approach in providing, safe, gentle dentistry. 

The Aspen Leaf Dentistry Difference

Our dental practice tucked just outside of the foothills in Windsor, Colorado provides a place that is warm and inviting to help soothe any nervousness or anxiety you or your family may have about the dentist. 

We’re here to sit with you and create a dental health plan that is great for everyone, and, if at anytime, you have any questions or would like further clarification, we’re here! 

It’s important to us that you have the best experience while receiving the leading dental care in Northern Colorado, and that’s exactly who Aspen Leaf Dentistry is!

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Quality Dental Services

Our mouths give us a glimpse into the health of the rest of our body, so it’s vital that we keep our teeth healthy!

Trust Aspen Leaf Dentistry, P.C. with your family’s dental care. We are great with kids and provide quality dental service for all ages. From Family Dentistry to Cosmetic Dentistry, we do it all!

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