Experience a comprehensive dental office in Windsor that puts your care at the forefront!

At our Windsor dental office, we provide a myriad of dental services to accommodate every stage of life and the dental challenges we are subject to. From basic dental care such as teeth cleanings, x-rays, and fillings to dental implants and partials, our Windsor dental office has a solution for you! 

When you work with us you’ll benefit from a variety of in-office dental services and if you need additional dental care outside our scope, we have amazing referrals who we completely trust! 

Below you’ll learn more about the dental procedures we provide, including dental implants and full and partial dentures. 

Implants Procedure

Our office provides dental implant therapy for those who wish to enhance their natural smile. We have taken care to select the best surgeons to place your implants and work closely with their team to help maintain your gorgeous smile.

What are dental implants? 

Dental implants are one of the closest dental structures to your natural teeth. Although they mimic your natural teeth, they look and feel much the same. 

Whether you’re missing just one tooth or a couple, dental implants can give you back your smile with confidence! Apart from the aesthetics, your oral health is drastically improved and you’re able to eat, talk, and enjoy all of life’s pleasures without having to fret over your teeth. 

Dental implants differ from dentures because they’re an extension of essentially the tooth’s whole structure — from the roots to the tooth. 

Dental implants are joined via screws to your jaw bone and become a sturdy structure for artificial teeth and dental crowns to be secured to. 

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Dentures and Partials

What are dentures? 

Dentures are removable structures that replace missing teeth, and they differ from dental implants in the fact that they are not permanent. 

Dentures can be difficult to adjust to because the feeling is quite different from natural teeth, but they’ve come a long way and fit very well, are easily customized, and can be extremely comfortable.  

There are twp types of dentures including partial and full dentures. 

Partial dentures are crafted to fill in some of the teeth that are missing and rest on a metal base that attaches to your natural teeth. 

Full dentures can replace your entire top, bottom, or both sets of teeth and offer a natural, removable option.

Attention to detail is what makes a great set of dentures. At Aspen Leaf Dentistry, P.C., our team has chosen a local laboratory, with whom we have worked closely with for years. Together, we help to provide you with the most aesthetic, comfortable and functional prostheses possible.

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