Preventative health care begins with good dental hygiene!

If there is one way you support your health, it’s taking care of your pearly whites! Not only is this brushing and flossing at home, but being diligent in scheduling your oral dental exams!

What is an oral examination?

An oral dental exam is a part of a dental check-up that dentists use to examine your entire mouth as a part of a first-time visit or six-month follow-up. Oral exams are great for preventative care because it allows the dentist to get in and examine for any cavities, broken or chipped teeth, or any other dental concerns you may have.

Woman Getting Dental Oral Exam

What are the various types of oral exams?

There are a couple different types of oral dental exams including:

  • Comprehensive Oral Evaluation – This is typically the exam you’ll get as a new patient, or if it’s been a while since your last visit.
  • Regular Oral Evaluation – This is a part of the six-month dental exam that builds on already existing records, and may or may not include x-rays.
  • Limited Oral Evaluation – This type of dental exam is more focused on a specific issue that may call for emergency dental work such as a root canal or filling.
  • Follow-Up Oral Evaluation – This is exactly what it sounds like, a follow-up dental appointment to check the progress and healing of your last dental procedure.

It’s important to schedule an oral examination as a part of your routine preventative dental care!

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